Why is it important

Increase Profitability by Making Better Strategic Marketing Decisions

We believe that having a better understanding of your business leads to better business decisions and one of the most effective ways to gain that understanding is through customer segmentation. Customer segmentation is the process of codifying your customer transactions into meaningful categories and markets.

Typical categories are:

Sales Channel: End User, Distributor or OEM
Industry and Industry Segment

Knowing which is the most profitable, which is growing at a high rate, or which is part of a growing/thriving industry, allows you to better allocate marketing and sales resources to enhance your market position.

How can we help

We can implement and manage a systemized method of analyzing your business. That system will produce key metrics like profitability and revenue trends within each category (Sales Channel, Industry, Industry Segment, Application) for each product or service.

Typical categories are:

Expansion/Contraction Trends
Total current market value as well as market projection.
Market Share

Key Industry
Sales and Gross Margin Dollars

Who can we help

Young but established businesses that don’t have marketing departments
Growing businesses that want a better understanding of what they have and where they are going
Mature businesses that want better allocation of resources
Any other business that needs more information before making strategic decisions

Why Frain Partners

We love data and we know that making decisions based on data are better decisions overall. We have over a decade of experience creating and maintaining massive data sets and using them to drive pricing and marketing decisions. In our experience, there is no better way to truly understand your business than through this process.


How can we help?