Why is it important

Drive Engagement, Awareness, Revenue and Profitability

For B2B companies, it all comes together with your marketing strategy. The work you have done on your brand, your message, your marketing materials, your ability to be found on the internet, and your data analytics created the foundation. You are in a position to be more effective with your marketing budget dollars.

How can we help

We can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to market your company or to market a specific product/service. We can act in an advisory capacity alone and help guide your marketing department through the process or become an extension of your marketing department.

Who can we help

Young but established businesses that don’t have marketing departments
Growing businesses that need some strategic guidance to help them compete better
Mature businesses that feel they are not growing enough
Any other B2B business interested in the advantages of a comprehensive marketing strategy

Why Frain Partners

We have experience in all aspects of marketing strategy development including building marketing teams. For us, there is nothing more satisfying than applying all we know to drive engagement, generate leads and grow revenue. We love the challenge of figuring out how your individual qualities create a unique marketing plan.


How can we help?