Why is it Important

For private equity firms considering the purchase of a B2B company, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing operations is a critical part of the due diligence process. An unbiased third-party evaluation can identify critical weaknesses and underutilized strengths, uncover market expansion opportunities, and provide a detailed post-close roadmap for increasing engagement and sales success in the highest-value focus areas.

The result is a portfolio company that can grow faster and more profitably, and with efficient use of available capital.

How can we help?

We can help provide the necessary evaluation in several key areas:

  • Marketing Department ROI Performance Evaluation
    Compare the total marketing costs to the amount of revenue generated from their activites.
  • Macro Market Analysis
    Evaluate company performance in each relevant market, the market share and potential in underserved markets.
  • Marketing Strategy and Activity Effectiveness
    Determine if the marketing strategy and tactics are reaching their goals.
  • Marketing Functional Alignment Assessment
    Assess if/how marketing, marketing communications and sales are aligned in strategy and execution.
  • Website Effectiveness
    Evaluate if/how the website is helping the company grow and the ROI for the spend.
  • Brand and Brand Message
    Determine if brand standards are being met and your brand message effectively represents the company.

How can we help?